627 South Front St., Shipoke – first floor

The thing about this house, it just didn’t disappoint. At each turn there was something to behold, a molding, the condition of the floors, stained glass windows. Everything was beautiful. The first floor contains a large open parlor that looks out onto Riverfront Park and the Susquehanna river just beyond. A gorgeous front stair case and hallway, with French doors featuring etched glass.

Down the hallway is another large room, which could be used as a dining room. I daydreamed it as a living room, with the larger front room being my studio. A person can dream, right!?! And it’s hard not to in this house. The second staircase can be found via this room, and there is a half bathroom as well. The basement is accessed through the hall space between this room and the kitchen.

The kitchen is homey and looks out on to the back garden. There is so much light, which is no surprise with 4 windows to brighten up the room. In my previous post about this house you can see the back garden (along with other exteriors and river views) which is quiet and cute! I envy the amount of counter space in the kitchen, and all the meals that could be prepped there.

Centralia – 2014

In organizing my photos, I keep finding old work that I really love. That makes me happy has an artist. To find things that make me smile, knowing I made them and I still like them. It’s like I’m saying, “I still like me.” These random photos from an impromptu trip to Centralia on October 8, 2014 marked a wonderful step forward in my artistic skills and in my inner work needed to become the person I wanted to become. The person I am still working on becoming. I think about becoming and what that means to me often. It is an ever changing, almost ephemeral thought to me now. Because to think about becoming, is to think about duality, and how things are impermanent. That the person I was trying to become is smaller and less than that person I am today.

I love that I can love the person I was, and love the person I am, and also that person I am becoming (even though I don’t know that person yet, and never will truly) at the same time. These photos are self portraits of a person trying. Trying so hard, and succeeding, though they didn’t recognize it at the time.

627 South Front St., Shipoke – exteriors

Last Friday I had the pleasure of photographing a gorgeous house in the Shipoke area of Harrisburg. I love this community. I enjoy it so much the each time I shoot a place here I get to scheming about how one day I can live there too! The sunsets are some of the best in the city.

With 4 bedrooms, 2 fireplaces and 2 staircases, and plenty of stained glass to cast lovely rainbows on the gorgeous wood floors, it was hard to not fall in love with this place. There’s actually so much to show I’m breaking the house up into a few posts.

First off let’s talk about the exteriors. There is so much green space around Shipoke, and this house is no exception. Right across the street is Riverfront Park and the Capital GreenBelt (a 20 mile patchwork of bike paths the circles Harrisburg).

The house is located on Front street in Shipoke, overlooking the Susquehanna river.

Riverfront Park, just across the street from the front door.

Second floor porch, off one of the bedrooms. And where I’d drink my morning coffee!

The yard was teeming with birds and pollinators!

Quiet and peaceful.

The hydrangeas and the bird bath are super cute, just needs a bistro set and a few strands of lights and you have outdoor dining at home!

The house is new to the market this week. I’ve updated the post with links above if you are interested in the house. And if you want photos like these for your property, please contact me.

I’m so excited to show you the rest of this house! I walked away with so many amazing photos, and these outdoor beauties are just the tip of the iceberg.


I miss being able to get close to people. Being front row, and witnessing beautiful performances by beautiful people. I want to ramble on about how I feel, but that felt too myopic. I just simply miss being close to people.

It’ll be a weird and different world when we can fully reemerge. It was weird and different before, so the only constant is change. I hope we can change forward. Ever moving closer to the best we can be.

Until then I’ll cherish the closeness I get to enjoy with a few friends, and look forward to seeing you all again in person as safety and sanity allows. – Crissy