The flash of your smile is a lighthouse

a means to navigate the rocks and barriers to your heart, 

an important and dangerous place.

A natural beacon which encourages me.

Fresnel lens eyes refract the source behind them, 

reverse telescopes telegraphing messages out.

Twin mirrors, round and green the light

goes forth in quick bright bursts, then turns occulting.


I need to create the systems that support the life I want to lead. That thought has been repeating in my head for weeks now. Possibly months. It’s all I’ve been working on. Longer than that, I’ve know I need to live a nonconventional life.

Years ago I was walking through a plaza at sunrise and not being able to stop and enjoy it made me angry. I need agency. I’m working on getting a patreon set up. This is something I contemplated for a while and it makes sense for me to attempt it now. I’m really excited to share it, by the end of the month is my intention.