Photo by: Kelly Ann Shuler

Crissy Wagner is a prize-winning photographer and interdisciplinary visual artist based in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. In addition to photography she employs watercolors, inks/markers/pens, and anything else that will bring to life what is seen in her mind’s eye. Her work allows her to explore new places and techniques, further inviting the viewer to see the world in unique and diverse ways. A lifetime of self-exploration has prepared Crissy and continues to lead the path for her in her artistic endeavors. She tries to capture and encapsulate moments, whether through the camera’s lens or the pen and paintbrush. The evolution between photographer and painter has allowed her to introduce various elements into this union and extend the range of her talents even further. Crissy won First Prize in Photography in May 2019, as a part of the Art Association of Harrisburg’s 91st International Juried Show for “Blue Fog”. Her solo show “aqueous” was exhibited June 2019 at Stash Vintage in downtown Harrisburg. Photographs from Crissy’s (un)found series were shown in Envision Arts group exhibit Moments: a contemporary art collective, and you can currently find three of her select portraits in Squidink Gallery’s PORTRAIT COMPETITION: IDENTITY.

Instagram: @ohpidge